Dashing Diva Glaze Semi-Cured Gel Strips Isn't It Daisy Review and Wear Test - 5-6 Day Wear

Discover the longevity of Dashing Diva's semi-cured gel nail strips using the UV LED squish light for application. Read on for a detailed review and wear test results.

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In the last post, we tried an older Dashing Diva Glaze set that I had gotten on clearance. In that post, I mentioned that I had used a newer set prior and had gotten 7 days' of wear time before they started lifting. Unfortunately, with the oldest set I reviewed, the wear time was only about 5 days. 

This time, we are trying a newer set from this season's launch, with the addition of the UV LED squish light for application! 

From Dashing Diva's description: 

Daisy, isn't it?

Semi-cured bright blue & nude gel nail strips featuring abstract color blocking and daisy accents with mega volume & maximum shine.

  • Semi-cured Gel Nail Strips Featuring Trendy Designs
  • Easy application: Fool-proof, fast curing formula
  • Molded shape: Curved volume is molded to nail shape, it's thicker in the center and thinner at the cuticle for superior fit our proprietary DOME EFFECT™
  • Mega volume: Plump volume that masks imperfections for an even pro-finish.
  • Mirror shine: Rich vibrant color with light reflecting particles delivers brilliant shine.
  • Gel strong up to 14 days: Lasting shine, durable wear that's chip-proof and scratch-proof.


Dashing Diva Glaze Isn't it Daisy on Right hand, modeled over grass
Dashing Diva Isn't It Daisy - Day 1, on me. Right Hand

In my application, I also didn't use the base seal for gloss OR any sort of topcoat. I just followed the instructions on the box and did use an extra nail dehydrator on top of the alcohol wipe. 


$13.99 at Ulta, but $8.39 on sale currently.

Application Process for This Set

  1. Push back cuticles. I didn't use cuticle remover but did shower before and made sure to buff off the extra cuticle well.

  2. Wash and dry hands with dish soap - no lotions or oils!

  3. Use included alcohol wipe on nails AND fingertips. 

  4. OPTIONAL: Use nail dehydrator - I have oily nail beds and wanted to get a little extra dehydration to help with adhesion.

  5. Apply strips to each nail, I do steps 5-8 one nail at a time. Choosing ones that are ever so slightly smaller than the nail bed - so there's a sliver of a gap on the sides. This helps so you don't get any of the strip on the hidden cuticle on the sides of the nail, which helps with adhesion, longer wear, and preventing snags. 

  6. After I apply each strip, I use a nail scissor to clip away excess. You don't have to clip it all away, just remove most of the length. We will file after curing - it's easier then. 

  7. Using the included orange stick, apply pressure to roll down the edges of each strip and press them to the nail, making sure you're really sealing the edges, especially at the tips. Basically, you're gonna use it as a little rolling pin over the strip to really get a good seal to the nail.

  8. NEW STEP, Flash Cure: This one is new vs. the last post where I didn't use the squish light. What you're going to do is use a squishy-top UV nail light and press it onto each nail right after you've rolled it down with the orange stick. Press down with the UV squish light on for 30 seconds or so. This will flash cure it after you applied pressure and get it really sealed on there.

  9. Repeat steps 5-8 on all nails, then cure under a full-sized UV lamp

  10. Then, once you've gotten a good seal, clipped the edges, and flash-cured each nail, you're going to cure under your big lamp. 3-6 cycles of 60 seconds each for hand, until you can no longer dent the strip with the edge of the stick, or until they're really solid and hardened. 

  11. After they are fully cured, file to smooth the edges and remove the rest of the excess strip.

All in all, the process takes me about an hour. But you can do it in less time if you omit steps or are less meticulous than I am. 😊

Application Video

Wear Time

Day 1

Dashing Diva Glaze Isn't it Daisy on Left hand, modeled over grass
Day 1 - Left Hand

Day 4 

Noticed a crack on my left-hand ring finger. I decided to add a gel top coat to that hand so the crack didn't go further, and I wanted to try to extend wear. 

Left hand with gel top coat

Right hand still looks good - though a little less shiny with wear.

Day 5: 

Still on there, but the right hand has now developed two cracks. One on my ring finger, one on my thumb. 

I added a gel topcoat on this hand as well to try to extend wear a little longer and avoid chipping. 

Day 6:

Right hand now has cracks on almost every finger, and the thumb chipped. The crack on the left hand has now split even further and is lifting. I'll be removing them today

Right thumb nail chip along the crack

Chip along the crack that formed on day 4 on the left hand

Cracks on the right hand, on the ring, middle, the pointer fingers

Cracks on ring and middle fingers on the right hand


I actually ordered the Magic Off Remover from Dashing Diva to try for this set. Just put a few drops at the cuticle line and slowly worked off each glaze strip finger by finger. Zero damage. 

Magic Off Remover

Overall Notes

I did not use the base seal on this set, and the only time I've gotten these to last 7 days is when I did use it. So I think next time, I'll use the base seal for gloss

Ultimately, they did start cracking on Days 4 & 5 for me, and chipping on Day 6. 

They lasted about a day longer than my last set

I still have a few more sets I'll try, and next time with the base seal for gloss!

Hoping for longer wear next time!