Get Organized in Style: Great Dupe for Thirty One's Zip Top Utility Tote

Discover a Bigger and Affordable Alternative for Your On-The-Go Essentials

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A few years ago, a friend recommended to me Thirty One's Zip Top Utility Tote when I was looking for a catch-all type of mom-bag to carrying everything for myself, and all my kids. 

I needed a lot of pockets, a roomy interior, and definitely a zipper. 

At the time, I didn't know any active sellers, so I was able to find one on Mercari, even one that already was customized with my name!

That original Thirty-One bag got used for sand, lake, pool, and beach toys, and got pretty grimy and also got holes in the bottom. 

Here's the original:

Thirty One's Zip Top Utility Tote

Honestly, it has worked well for carrying sand/beach toys, sunscreen, and other outdoor stuff. But, had gotten gross and hole-y. I couldn't use it as my main bag anymore. 

Thirty One's Zip Top Utility Tote

Additionally, I wanted interior pockets to separate all my random items and ideally, a cross-body strap in addition to the shoulder straps, two things that Thirty-One's bag did not have. 

I hadn't used my Thirty-One bag since the prior summer, but the time had come when I needed a bigger bag to carry all my kid's stuff, and my allergy kit (wasp venom allergy that requires an epi-pen + extra stuff to tend to other stinging insect situations). 

While Thirty One's Zip Top Utility Tote is a versatile and spacious tote that has been a popular choice for years, its price tag and MLM structure can turn off many, and it didn't have all the features I desired. 

Fortunately, in my search, I found a fantastic dupe that's even more functional and won't break the bank.

It's the IBFUN Utility Tote Bag with 14/24 Pockets Zip Top Teacher Tote Bag for Teacher/Student/Work Women (Large) from Amazon. 

First thing, it's important to note that only the large size has the cross-body strap! This is the one I ordered.

It's basically the perfect mom bag for me! 

The utility set tote has two pieces - the bag itself, and a small wristlet zipper pouch. 

It's made of waterproof nylon fabric, has a lining, and has a bottom stabilizing piece. There are countless interior and exterior pockets, as well as mesh pockets on either side. 

From the listing,

  • Utility Tote Large Size: 16.5 L*7 W*13 H inch
  • The Large utility tote comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, up to 49 inch. 
  • The Large one also comes with a foldable bottom board for enhanced load-bearing capacity
  • Large Size: 14 exterior and 10 interior pockets. 
    • 6 front pockets
    • 6 back pockets
    • 2 side mesh pockets
  • The Large utility bag includes a laptop compartment inner pocket, can hold a laptop up to 16 inch. Especially suitable for people like teachers, is a perfect teacher utility tote.
I am not a teacher. But what I am is a mom, a self-employed person, someone who has a child in martial arts, a community gardener, a person with allergies, and generally, I want ONE bag to be functional for all my uses and fit things that I need to take anywhere at all.

I am no longer in the phase of my life where I have patience for having multiple bags for multiple uses and having to switch all the time. 

No. I want simplicity and flexibility. 

My hunt led me to find this dupe and, in my opinion, it's better than the original!

Let's compare them, in my very non-influencer life.

Side by Side, Thirty-One Zip Top Utility Tote on the Left, IBFUN Utility Tote Bag on the right 

You can see that the IBFUN tote is a bit wider and definitely taller, plus it has the strap (in the large size!).

Now, let's check the pockets. Internally, there are loads of pockets in the IBFUN tote.

Side mesh pockets

6 external pockets on either side

Tall pockets nicely fit water bottles

This baby has a jiujitsu uniform in it, plus all my regular stuff, and a 600-page book!

This thing is perfect for moms, teachers, nurses, and anyone really who needs loads of storage, waterproof fabric, tons of pockets, and over-the-shoulder AND cross-body straps! 

This tote comes in multiple designs and colors and is routinely on sale. If you're looking for a functional, spacious, and cute tote bag that will be an excellent dupe to the Thirty-One Zip Top Utility Tote, this one works for me. 

With its sturdy construction, multiple pockets, and functional design, this tote is sure to become your go-to bag for all your on-the-go needs. 

Find it here, and enjoy!




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