Static Nails Reusable Pop-on Manicure Review: Are They Worth the Hype?

A detailed review of Static Nails Reusable Pop-on Manicure, including sizing and fit, application process, wear test, and removal, to help you decide if they are worth your money

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In this blog post, we'll review the next tester in my journey of reviewing various press-on nails, Static Nails Reusable Pop-on Manicures! 

I grabbed this set from TJ Maxx after a few requests asking me to try them out. 

From the website,

Meet the better, long-lasting alternative to gels, dips, acrylics, and press-on nails. Static’s award-winning Reusable Pop-On Manicures® give you a perfect, non-damaging manicure in seconds for a fraction of the salon cost.

Wear them weeks straight or a few days at a time—you decide. Each nail lasts up to 18 days and can be reapplied up to 6x for shorter wears. These on-trend, durable nails can be removed, reapplied, painted, and even reshaped for full customization.

Color & Style: 

Sunset Somewhere, Square (medium length or so.)

Inside the Box

24 nails, glue, file. No cuticle pusher or alcohol wipe. 


I got this set for $9.99 at TJmaxx. On their websiteUlta, and Beyond Polish, they range from $18-$24.

Where to Buy:

Their Website


Beyond Polish


Sizing and Fit 

Includes 24 nails, 12 nails per hand, with glue and a file. No wipe or orange stick.

Sizes are 0-9, with half sizes of 5.5 and 6.5. The sizing is very similar to that of Red Aspen, actually. Nail sizes and fit are quite similar. These seem like a very close dupe of Red Aspen nails. 

My Application Process:

1. Washed hands and removed prior polish/adhesives

2. Pushed back cuticles with my own orange stick, this set does not include one. 

3. Buffed nails using the pink side of the included file 

4. Cleaned with alcohol - this set does not include a wipe. 

5. Used nail dehydrator (first) and then swiped OPI bond aid on each nail. I have oily nails and like this extra step to make sure they are extra dried out. 

6. Laid out my sizes, and filed down the sides of nails that needed to be a little smaller for a better fit. I used the blue side of the file for this, and smoothed with the pink side. 

7. Using the included glue, applied a bead of glue on both the nail and the back of the press-on, spreading it out with the nozzle. Then applied the nail at a 45-degree angle and held it for 30 seconds.

8. After each nail, wiped away the oozed-out glue with acetone and a wipe. Doing this quickly and gently does not seem to remove the finish. 

9. Buffed excess glue off the hands and wiped with acetone, then clipped and shaped the nails to my length and shape preference. 

The whole process took about an hour. 


Long for me! I have short nail beds. These were more like a medium square.

Initial thoughts: 

  • They are thin, but bordering on too thin. A few nails had some slight cracks near the cuticles just from applying pressure alone. Take care not to press too hard.

  • They are extremely similar to Red Aspen in sizing, fit, and thinness. There is a slight variation in sizing where I did have to file down a few nails, they seemed a little thinner, and the length was longer. But of the press-ons I've tried, these are most similar as a dupe to Red Aspen. The glue is different also. 

  • Glue was very thin, as compared to Glamnetic, which had a thicker glue that didn't ooze out the sides as much during application. Glamnetic nails also seemed sturdier and had more options for smaller sizes. 

Wear Test

These wore very similar to Red Aspen nails in terms of the finish chipping after a few days and the lifting of the glue after a few days.

By Day 6, they had started lifting on some nails, and the finish was chipping/scratching. 

That's enough for me once that happens - I can't handle lifting! 

Day 6

You can see the chips and scratches here

How Long Do Static Nails Last?

According to Static, up to 18 days. For me, just 6 before they started lifting significantly. At that point, I like to remove them so I don't get water in between the press-on and nail bed and develop a fungus.

So far, in my testing as someone with oily nail beds, the longest wear time has been with glamnetic


These really did pop-off super easily. Just lift and apply a little cuticle oil underneath, and wiggle off with a flosser, and they come off with no nail damage. 

However, a few nails cracked and split very easily, so unless you don't have this happen, they were too thin to be reused for me.

Overall Summary

These were pretty comparable to Red Aspen in almost every way - the nail mold is different, so the fit of the nails isn't quite the same, and I prefer the fit of Red Aspen, but the material wear, thinness, hold, and overall feel are the same for me. 

So if you are looking for a dupe to Red Aspen, Static is the closest I have found so far! 

While the wear time was shorter, the removal process was so easy, so that's a plus. 

Overall, these seemed pretty standard for me in terms of wear and material, nothing remarkable, but not terrible either. I would rank these on par with Red Aspen, if you're looking for a dupe. But still, I think Glamnetic wins the best for me as of now. 

I still have others to try and will post about them as I do, and work on a ranking.

I have oily nail beds, which makes my wear time shorter than drier nail bed people are able to get. I'm going to be demoing different glues and trying out nails with specific glues vs. the ones that come in the box, as I've read that that makes a difference. 

Find them at Ulta!

Until next time,